Dressage Horses For Sale

A Selection of Dressage Horses for Sale from Foal’s and young stock with excellent Pedigree’s for Dressage, through to Older horses already Proven in the Sport. Nagero Sport Horses have always had a selection of dressage horses for sale of the highest calibre.

Gorgeous Orestus Mare €20,000

PRE 3 year old VERY Pretty €8,000

Stunning PRE €11,500

Stunning Lusitano Gelding €10,500

Approved ridden PRE Stallion €24,000

Stunning PRE with looks and temperament €16,000

Stunning PSG/GP Gelding €70,000

Just OMG!!! White Unicorn 🦄 €25,000

Stunning high school Stallion €16,500

Beautiful PRE Gelding €10,000

Gorgeous PRE Spanish Mare €8,000

Stunning 6 year old GP Dressage Spanish Gelding €25,000