Ride-ability Scoring

Satisfaction with your purchase often depends on how safe and comfortable you feel with your new horse or pony. Make sure you have a look at how we rate each one and compare this with your own riding skills and ‘type’ of horse/pony you most like. Please contact us before you buy so we can evaluate you and the horse or pony together.

SELLERS – honestly appraise your horse against the scoring below to make sure that you are assessing your horse or pony appropriately. Remember we can offer verification for you.

Horse For Sale

Bombproof – safe to ride by anybody in any situation. Notwithstanding, EVERY horse can have a ‘flight’ reaction’ to a scary event. The choice for somebody that has previously lost their confidence and now wants something safer and that can be ridden safely in all kinds of traffic.

Complete Beginner – suitable for someone either learning to ride or just starting out. Will still be schooled to work from the leg, but a push button ride with good brakes Often an older horse or pony that has been there and got the t’ shirt, will not get excited and go faster than the pilot wishes!

Novice Rider – Suitable for somebody that can walk, trot and canter with an independent seat. Will be just starting to jump small cross-poles and still wants a horse/pony that will instil confidence. Depending on progression needed, R2 and R3 can sometimes be suitable as well.

Intermediate Rider – Suitable for somebody as above, but that can jump up to 70-80cms. BHS Stage1; working towards Stage II. Capable of riding a more forward going horse or pony; could be fresh if they have had a day off or ‘spook’ when out on a hack.

Advanced Intermediate – BHS Stage II rider. Show- jumping course of 1m. X-Country, hunting. This group can still range from a person who is lacking in confidence or those hoping to progress further.

Competition Rider – BHS Stage III upwards. Show-jumping course of 1m 10cms plus. A variety of sport horses will suit this rider and they should be able to improve the horse that they are riding.

Also bear in mind the ‘type’ of horse or pony. Do you prefer a smaller cob that is less expressive in its paces with a shorter stride? This may help you stay more balanced. More thoroughbred blood which lends quality and greater length of stride but may be more unpredictable? Do you want a warm blood with big expressive paces? Have you ever ridden one before and realise that the bigger and more expressive the paces the harder they are to ‘sit into’? Unfortunately, we do not all ride like Charlotte Du Jardin!

Try and be honest with yourself and your capabilities as there is nothing more demoralising than to have to steel yourself to go and ride a horse that you do not feel able for. Horse riding is meant to be fun so please do not over-horse yourself.

If in any doubt contact us to discuss individual horses further.