Vetting For Horse Buyers

Everything for sale on the Nagero Sport Horse website or that we have sourced for you is open to a 2 or 5 stage vetting.

A pre-purchase examination carried out by a veterinary surgeon is not compulsory, but it guarantees that the horse you have chosen as a good match is healthy and fit for the designated purpose. We strongly advise you to ensure the health of your horse before purchasing it. We have veterinary contacts in all Countries that are Equine specialists.

You can choose from a 2 stage or 5 stage veterinary pre-purchase examination. So whats the difference? The most simple answer is the exercise phase. A Stage 2 vetting includes a thorough examination of the horse at rest, which includes eyes, heart, lungs, conformation, teeth and skin, followed by seeing the horse walk and trot in hand on a straight hard surface, flexion tests of all 4 legs, backing up and turning on a tight circle… The 5 stage vetting is the same as the 2 Stage plus a thorough dynamic assessment to include soundness, respiratory, exercise and soundness after exercise.

Horse Purchase Vettings

The cost of the pre-purchase examination will be at the expense of the buyer. This is standard procedure. We consult with you as to which vet you would like to use (normally from a selection, but you can of course choose one yourself), book the horse in with your details so your name can go on the certificate and then you need to ring the vet prior to the vetting to pay.

You can also choose to have a horse or pony X-Rayed, but again you will have to pay for this. Please contact us for pricing in this regard as it will be dependent on how many X-Rays you require and a digital copy can be forwarded to your own vet if requested for their own evaluation.  X-rays can be very subjective! One vet can see something and another vet might see something else. The Irish saying is ”Doctors differ and Patients die!!” Hopefully not!