Sellers – How to Video.

To reiterate what has already been said in the Sellers Terms and Conditions.

A picture paints a thousand words. Although potential buyers have the choice to visit your premises and try your horse, this should not be necessary where the horse is EXACTLY as described and if the video content is good. Try to take the video as you would view a horse yourself if you were going to buy it.

In front,


From the side;

Trotted-up; take video from in front and behind.

The horse being tacked up mounted and dismounted.

Ridden and jumped where applicable.

Ridden In Traffic.

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If you don’t have a video recorder, many people now have smart phones and although the footage produced might not be to a professional standard, it will most likely suffice. If you have no means to take a video and do not know anybody else that can do this for you then please contact us. We can help you locate somebody that will help you.

Where you have a video or videos but are unsure if the quality is good enough then we can edit footage for you to put it into a more marketable format. The video or videos can be emailed to us and we can merge and edit them. You will see the result before it is uploaded to the site to ensure that you are happy with the final edit.

We do not video for you ourselves unless your horse is on a Sales Livery in which case this is included in the price of the livery.