Buyer Verification Verified Horses

You can request that we personally visit, try and verify a private Seller’s horse if you would prefer that to flying or sailing in yourself. (Paid service)

No time to waste or don’t you like travelling full stop?  You may want a full  holiday experience while trying potential horses, or a horse that you think may well suit you.


This is done a lot more often than people think and we have a great success rate of successful matches. The key is honesty and transparency on both sides. Don’t say you have been around Badminton when you actually don’t like jumping for example!! We do look for videos of you riding as we consider it a matter of rider safety and horse welfare to get this right.

Irish Horses For Sale

We are experienced in doing this and can quickly evaluate from you video what sort of horse that you need and put that into the context of what horse you want. The two do not always align!

We do our best to send you as much information as possible about your new horse, as if you were there.

A video is created at your request;

  • Taking the horse out of the box
  • Walking/trotting the horse up in hand
  • Tacking up and picking out its feet
  • Lunging the horse
  • Riding in all gaits and jumping if necessary
  • Being washed off unless lashing rain and blowing a gale!
  • Loading onto a trailer/horsebox or horse lorry
  • Veterinary inspection where possible. Some people are working on their own and cannot trot up/lunge a horse and video at the same time!
  • Optional virtual visit in real time (paid service and price depends on distance that has to be travelled)


We will travel ourselves, or we will designate someone experienced that we trust to any point in Spain, Portugal, France, UK or Ireland to show you, up close and in real time, the horse that has drawn your attention.

Connect by internet with the application of your choice and if available at the location; Skype, Whatsapp, FaceTime, we will show you everything you want to see for half a day, so several horses if they are in the same stable. We will show you the horse in the box, at work and from the ground, but also the facilities where it is located, its rider, its food, etc….Where there are connection problems then you can specify particular things that are important to you and we will video and send to you as soon as we can find a connection.

Where there is a good connection it will be as if you were there personally so you can ask anything you want to see and if you wish and where possible, the veterinary test can be scheduled too so that it happens the same day. You can communicate with him or her directly and ask relevant questions.

So book a virtual tour of your potential new horse, but without having to leave your home.

Personally visiting a yard and verifying a horse will be charged at €275 for half a day. If the distance means this involves a whole day the charge will be €400. This includes fuel charges.

You will be charged and invoiced for verification even if we report that the particular horse or pony in question is not deemed to be a suitable match.

We only use the services of experienced shipping agents for all flights, export paperwork, shipping and liaison with forward transporters for travel to Europe and beyond.  Export to the United Kingdom is covered by Irish and Spanish based transporters who are well respected and with whom we have a good relationship with and who always offer an exemplary service.

Prices to the USA vary according to gender of horse; quarantine facility used and departure venue chosen.

Horses will be delivered within 7 days for the United Kingdom and within 14 days for Mainland Europe unless a force majeur like ferry cancellations due to weather or breakdowns..

United States of America will vary depending on gender. Stallions and mares will need a variety of swabs and health checks but the horse should still arrive to the quarantine facility within a month.


We will accompany you, or someone we trust and know will accompany you to try a horse or horses in any of the Countries mentioned above. This will be organised with due consideration and care as to the quality of accommodation offered. Paid Service plus accommodation costs etc. Please contact us to help us organise everything for you.