Trojan Fabulous Bombproof Normandy Cob
Meet Trojan the 15.3hh 12yr Old Super Cob. Trojan is ideal for hacking and having safe fun on. He is super brave in all situations and is the absolute perfect family horse. He is simply stunning. A traditional model of the Normandy Cob and he has all the characteristics to go with it. So whether you want to hack through the towns or go on an adventure across country then Trojan is the cob for you. Safe for all the family to ride and mess with.

Normandy Cobs
We are pleased to announce that we are working with the Jouvin family in Normandy France. The Jouvin family are very well known and respected in Normandy for producing top class Normandy cobs for riding and driving. If you are looking for a homebred, which has been slowly and carefully produced that is naturally quiet then a Normandy Cob is for you. Also available are Selle Francais x Normandy Cobs for a little more of a sporty version. With all horses available from Bombproof happy hackers to driving/carriage horses. These horses are not broken until they reach 5yr olds as it gives them time to mature both mentally and physically before the breaking process begins. They are all naturally stunning and exceptionally level headed.

About Normandy Cobs
They have very good temperaments and are docile and gentle, while also being lively and energetic when required. They have a plain but sensible head, a short, muscular neck set on good shoulders, and a wide, deep chest. Typically they have a short back and are compact through the body, the croup is rounded, and the legs extremely sturdy and strong. The Normandy Cob is always chestnut or bay and stand between 15.2 and 16.3hh.

About Selle Francais x Normandy Cob
Also a popular choice here is the Selle Francais cross. They tend to be very flashy to look at, but sane and solid, plus far and away less ‘complicated’ than the average Selle F. They make good hacking horses and local level competition, whilst being lovely too look at. Most of these are pre-booked for homes although occasionally one does come up for sale.

For more information or to request details of horses currently available please pop us an email on – click to contact – and we will forward your details to Sally who is based in Normandy with the cobs.

Delivery to the UK can be easily arranged for you.

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