Equestrian Property

Equestrian Property

We can sell your Equestrian Property and we offer a range of equestrian properties for sale from small holdings with only a couple of acres to larger bespoke Equestrian Centres. We feel that it can be difficult to source property that is specifically set up for horse owners without having to trawl through hundreds of unsuitable places. If you are looking for something specific we can help to find it for you.

We also have a selection of property advertised that has seller finance arranged for you. Most of these properties have a no deposit needed status. No mortgage needed and arrangement between you and the seller where you pay of the property price over a period of time with an agreed amount of instalments. There is usually just a small broker fee and your legal costs to secure the property. The future way of thinking when it comes to investing in new property. For any more information on this please get in touch.

We advise you that the information we publish is based entirely on information from the vendors and therefore, suggest that you check this is accurate for yourself. These particulars should be read as a general description of the property and no guarantee or warranty is offered that the description is in every respect exact and precise.

Contact us in the first instance for further information or to arrange a viewing.

Negotiations can be discussed with the vendors as we cannot and do not facilitate this.

Advertise your Equestrian Property for for free! We charge you nothing to list and you simply pay us if we get you a buyer if and when you sell. No buyer then no fee. Your listing stays up until you notify us that you have sold. Pay us ONLY 1% if we find you a buyer as simple as that.

We will promote your property to thousands of our social media followers and also advertise on other quality Equestrian sites with high traffic volumes. This all costs you nothing until you sell.

Simply email us photographs/video and information about your property and we will list it for you. We will pass on suitable clients to you and help you get your property SOLD!!

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