Stunning 16.2hh Hunter/All-Rounder/Riding Club

Ride-ability scoring R3+ (Please see ride-ability scoring page for details)

Meet Oscar – possibly the kindest and most laid back horse you will ever meet. Standing at 16.2hh he is not only impressive but is also stunning to look at. Really lovely attitude. Stands like a rock in the stable to do anything with. My 4yr Old daughter held him yesterday when I pulled his mane. Farrier shod him the day before and Oscar actually held his feet up for the farrier! Needless to stay the farrier now thinks he is the best horse ever – he wouldn’t be far wrong!
Oscar is 7yrs Old. Hunted the last 2 seasons and he has proven to be brave and scopey whilst having a sensible head which allows his rider to enjoy every moment. Stands to point and is used to the hounds. Will hunt in front or behind it really doesn’t phase him.

Oscar is a complete gent. Came in last week after having the summer off as his owner only hunts. I didn’t even lunge him just tacked up and off we went. He rode like he was in full time work and had been ridden the day before. Nice flatwork although he is a little rusty after his summer in a field. Nothing that a week in the arena couldn’t iron out. Works in a lovely rhythm. Nice mouth is not strong in any way. Pops around a course of fences like it isn’t there. Possibly the most laid back horse I have ever met. He is nice and responsive so you don’t have to be kicking him constantly. He locks onto his fence and sails away in on an even rhythm. No stop so will help the rider out if the strides a little iffy!
Hacks alone or in company. Great in traffic. Can have a little look at something in the hedge but he doesn’t react just wanders past it. Nice and enthusiastic about hacking, he enjoys himself which gives the rider a chance to chill out and enjoy the scenery!
No stable vices what so ever. Is an absolute saint. Doesn’t kick, bite, rear, buck. He is good with other horses and stands like a rock for you to mount.
Fantastic horse to hunt throughout the winter and compete throughout the summer. Oscar will look after you wherever you take him. Really can turn his foot to anything. He is back in full time work now. Has a new set of shoes on and is ready to go.
Oscar is based in our home yard in Co.Kerry which is approx 20mins from Kerry Aiport. 2hours from Cork or Shannon and you can get connecting flights down from Dublin.
Transport Available worldwide and is easily arranged.
We will upload more videos in the coming weeks when we get him a little fitter.

Shipping Available worldwide

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7yr Old