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Lovely Irish Cob for sale

Ride-Ability Scoring R3 Upwards. R1+ with suitable supervision from someone with a little more experience. We don’t advise a complete novice to buy any horse unless they have someone to show them the ropes. (Please see our Ride-Ability Scoring Page for details).

Bertie Bassett hunted yesterday for the first time (20/12/15) what a dude. Turned heads and was an absolute gentleman. ANYBODY could have ridden him. Jumped everything he was put at. Pallets, logs, banks and drains, even a double drain. Had a look, worked it out and just went and did it. Really has a super personality and is extremely well behaved in ALL situations. He is such a lovely guy to have on the yard, very easy to fall in love with.
Bertie Bassett is 155cm and is Rising 5. This guy is a total sweetheart and is lovely in and out of the stable. He is sane, sensible and a very nice horse to work around. He loves a brush and has absolutely no stable vices. Been on several charity rides and jumps and gallops but always with manners.
Great to hack alone and in company. Good in traffic. Really enjoys himself and walks on. Lovely combination where you don’t have to be kicking constantly but you could still ride him at the end of the buckle if you wanted. Loves going for a canter up the bridleway, doesn’t get strong or silly just canters along. Very brave for a young horse. Will happily walk over bridges etc with fast flowing noisy water gushing underneath. Trust me there is not a lot of horses that are happy to do this. Nice to work in the school, hasn’t done a whole pile of flat work but works nicely of your leg and is happy to get on with the job. Has a little pop as well. He really is a super cob that is going to make someone a forever best friend. Clipped head to foot and was such a good boy for his first clip. Good as gold to shoe.  As you can see in the photos they were a little long when he arrived.  Great strong feet that look great now he has been shod. This is a superb and lovely Irish cob that will make somebody very happy indeed.

Closest airport to view would be Kerry (KIR) which has direct flights from Luton and Stansted or for 40 euros each way a connecting flight from Dublin. Alternatively Shannon airport is an option. We operate the best inward buyer scheme in Ireland and you can deduct 200 euros from the price if you fly in and subsequently buy. Delivery to the UK is also included. Extra 200 euros approximately for delivery to Scotland.

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