Well, that might not seem like such a big deal BUT so much planning and brainstorming has gone into it. I hope that everyone likes it and please if you have any constructive criticisms whether positive or negative then please let me know.
Rob, the ever patient web designer has been an absolute star although at this stage must dread seeing yet, another email coming in from me. Making changes and updates is meant to be simple, but whether it is my age or I’m just not enough of a techie (that doesn’t even look like it is spelt right!), I find it daunting and time consuming enough. I hope I get more proficient and that it will also evolve and grow into something that visitors can interact with although ideas on how that can happen are welcomed. I have never wanted it to be a classified search engine as there seem to be a never ending supply of these and although they can be great and I have used them myself, this was always intended to be something more personal.

Horses? Goodness, well I can’t complain about that side of it. We have been very busy and have bought in a selection from an unbroken 4 year old who is very smart, but also very big! I think he is super and is a 17hh Skewbald and a very polite young man to go with it. We also have a 15 year old lovely stamp of a mare who is already earmarked to go to England. We haven’t actually advertised her but she seems to fit the bill of a customer’s request and is just here for a bit longer for assessment and evaluation to make sure it is a good match. I hope that we have a good selection of horses on the site now and have also started advertising with Horse and Hound who are in competition with HorseMart! I will give you feed back on which comes out ahead although in fairness we have been advertising with HorseMart for a while now and this allows you to gain a continuity of followers it appears.
Twitter seems to be growing under its own fuel at the moment and Facebook is gathering momentum as well. Rather relieved at that as my family were beginning to think I was a twitterholic! I probably need to be more proactive with our Pinterest Boards particularly the Nagero one. I think this might be productive now that we have the tack for sale.
Tack, we have a few nice items that we feel are competitively priced and again, we never set out to become an online tack shop per se, but just thought that horses and tack do go together and often when you buy a new horse you need some new tack and/or equipment to go with it.
I managed to fall off, there was definitely a shudder to be felt in Knocknagoshel and turbulence in the arena! Kindly, hubby harrowed it the day after but it was somewhat hard when I landed on it. Hobbled around painfully for about 10 days, definitely feel it more as you get older but back on track now.
Off to collect some potential clients very early in the morning to go and view a horse and they are going out at a rate of about two a week. Husband thinks we’re doing nothing as the one’s in the yard eating all the hay don’t appear to be going anywhere – possibly because they aren’t advertised yet!!
Will try and update on the daily routines later next week and hoping to get some visiting bloggers or newsworthy items shortly.
Thank You for taking the time to read this 🙂