Long over due blog! Really need to pencil in a day to add content of some use hopefully to our readers. I have been messing around on Quora this morning as I have followers on there! Yes, I’m not sure who or what they are following as I haven’t ever contributed before but a new leaf begins today hopefully. The following was my answer to a question on Quora of using weight to slow a horse down. I hope the following is of some use to you and it is something that I use daily in schooling and it really is effective and it WORKS!
Weight is one of the most important natural aids as opposed to  artificial aids like whips and spurs. To use your weight as an indicator  for the horse to slow down I always start training at the walk first.  On a loose rein simply sit taller (feel as though you are trying to  stretch your spine upwards), use your voice and wait for the horse to  come back to halt without using your rein contact. Praise and repeat.  You will be surprised how quickly they will pick this up. Helpful if  they are used to voice aids from the lunge without a rider. Once this is  established you can progress to the trot and canter but wait until one  is established before starting on the next pace. This will be  fundamental to using effective half-halts which are cues to your horse  that you are going to ask for something different. A horse that is  responsive to changes of your weight and body will be a pleasure to ride  and removes the war with the reins! If riding someone else’s horse and  it begins to rush, especially at trot; a useful trick is to just slow  down your own reactions so ir rising/posting to trot slow this down and  you will notice that the horse will also slow down accordingly. Have fun  🙂

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