Spanish Horses For Sale

Spanish PRE Stallion for sale

Spanish and Lusitano horses for sale, Iberian horses are a popular choice for dressage as well as other equestrian sports, see our selection of Iberian horses for sale.

Very unique 2 year old Colt €16,500 Inc delivery

Lovely 4 year old SF x AA €15,500

Super 15.2hh gelding €12,500 Inc Delivery

Beautiful 15.3hh 7yo PRE €18,500 Inc Delivery

Stunning 16.1hh PRE stallion €22,000 Inc Delivery

The most beautiful 2 year old €12,500

Fabulous Cremello Lusitano €19,000 Inc Delivery

Stunning 15.2hh 4yo Lusitano €15,000 Inc Delivery


Exceptional 16hh 7yo PRE Ancce €22,000 Inc Delivery

Gorgeous 5yo CDE stallion €20,000 Inc Delivery

Fabulous 17.1hh 5yo PRE Ancce €25,000 Inc Delivery

Gorgeous 16.1hh mare €20,000 Inc Delivery

Beautiful 16.3hh 6yo stallion €15,000 Inc Delivery

Spectacular 2 year old Colt €13,000 Inc Delivery

Top pedigree 16hh 2yo Colt €9,000 Inc Delivery

Super 16.1hh 3yr old PRE €15,500 Inc delivery

Beautiful PRE broodmare and foal €13,000

Super PRE colt €9,000 Inc delivery

Outstanding 15.1hh stallion €15,000 Inc delivery

Gorgeous 16hh 6yr old gelding €15,500 Inc delivery

Superb 16.1hh 6yo stallion €13,500 Inc delivery

Lovely 16hh 5yr old PRE ANCCE €15,000 Inc delivery

Super 16.2hh 9yr old PRE €24,500 Inc delivery

2 year old PRE filly €5,000

Outstanding 16hh PRE stallion €26,000 inc delivery

Spectacular 16.1hh PRE €100,000

Beautiful 16.1hh 11yr old gelding €15,000 inc delivery

Stunning PRE 2012 €13,000

Stunning straight Egyptian Stallion €8,500

Gorgeous 17.2hh PRE Stallion €17,500

Outstanding Beautiful Stallion €25,000