Spanish Horses For Sale

Spanish PRE Stallion for sale

Spanish and Lusitano horses for sale, Iberian horses are a popular choice for dressage as well as other equestrian sports, see our selection of Iberian horses for sale.

Stunning Black PRE €17,500

Outstanding PRE Colt €10,000

Top Quality PRE Broodmare €10,000

Super 15.3hh easy Gelding €10,000

Lovely Quiet Gelding €11,000

Gentle 12 year old Friesian €12,500

Super Quiet Ride and Drive €7,000

Beautiful 15.1hh 6 years Spanish €8,000

Stunning 5 year old €11,000

Stunning 16.3hh 4 year old €13,000

Stunning 2 year old Baroque Colt €10,500

Quiet Spanish Gelding €9,000

Beautiful Baroque Horse €18,000

Pirulo 1.66cm Gelding €13,500

PRE 4 years old €22,000

P.R.E 5 year old €25,000

Lady in Gold 7 year old Dressage Diva €18,500

Gorgeous 17hh 6 year old Dressage €25,000

Gorgeous 6 year old Gelding €9,500

Black Beauty!! 16.1hh Gelding €2,600

Gorgeous Perlino 3 year old €4,500

Stunning PRE €11,500

Approved ridden PRE Stallion €24,000

Stunning PRE with looks and temperament €16,000

Just OMG!!! White Unicorn 🦄 €25,000

Stunning high school Stallion €16,500

Stunning 6 year old GP Dressage Spanish Gelding €25,000

Handsome 6 year old PRE/Spanish Stallion

Exceptional 5yr Old 170cms Spanish P.R.E Stallion

Tremendo XII 11year Old Spanish P.R.E Stallion