Sellers who wish to avail of the marketing medium of Nagero Sport Horses on their website Nagero Sport Horses; should note the following.

UK purchasers can then expect their horse to be delivered within 7 days maximum from payment, depending on the availability of transport– it really is as simple as that. Other destinations may be a bit longer but it doesn’t take long even to the States. Where a deposit is paid to hold the horse and the remainder of the monies are not forwarded the deposit will be retained and forwarded to the Seller. You must not sell the horse to somebody else whilst it is being held on deposit.

We strive to ensure that all horses and ponies on are honestly described and fit for purpose. This differentiates us from large classified horse sites and provides security and continuity for what we are offering our potential clients. We therefore implore you to describe your horse accurately and declare any vices or bad habits. Nagero Sport Horses offer buyers the chance to return a horse or pony that belongs to them if the purchaser is not happy with it if they have bought sight unseen and to find them an exchange but have had to do this is rarely when an animal is accurately described. This is not an option when a horse or pony has been tried and viewed here although we do our utmost to provide customer satisfaction.


Every horse must be open to 2 Stage or 5 stage vetting and/or X-rays if requested by a potential buyer at their expense. Conformational defects and lumps or bumps or behaviour issues should also be disclosed. In our experience, as long as a potential buyer knows about an issue it does not necessarily preclude a sale going ahead. Non- disclosure however, is more than likely to result in bad feeling and publicity which ultimately affects sales. We suggest that you take a snapshot of affiliated results; do not say a horse is jumping 1.35m when its results show that it is knocking fences at 1m! People are not that green or stupid!


Please do not over-inflate the price of your horse and base the price on those being obtained in other Countries. This website is offering trust and credibility to buyers to promote the Sport Horses and offers an exciting medium for sellers. This will not work if unrealistic prices are being asked for the horses. Above all else, make sure that your description of your horse is brutally honest. No sale is worse than a sale made on false promises that cannot be fulfilled. This is an opportunity to make selling easier and ultimately more cost effective for both sellers and buyers.


A picture paints a thousand words. Although potential buyers have the choice to visit your premises and try your horse, this is not always necessary where the horse is EXACTLY as described and if the video content is good. Try to take the video as you would view a horse yourself if you were going to buy it.

Vendors should have no previous convictions for fraud or animal welfare related offences.
That the premises on which the horses being advertised on the Nagero Sport Horses is not the subject of any restriction imposed by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine or any other responsible authority under any animal health and welfare legislation for the time being in force in the Republic of Ireland or the equivalent legislation in Northern Ireland or other Countries.
That appropriate public liability insurance is in place at premises (and covers risks from horses as well as premises) where potential buyers may view or try horses advertised on the Nagero Sport Horse website.
That any or all of the horses you advertise on the Nagero Irish Sport Horse website are:

  • Registered with an identity passport as a minimum.
  • Any horse advertised will be accurately described. You as the seller are wholly responsible for the information set out in the advertisement and for any description, pedigree or warranty expressed in respect of the horse being offered for sale. This would include descriptions about the identity of the animal, age, height, vices, performance record and level of training, temperament and ride-ability rating. The Seller shall at all times indemnify Nagero Sport Horses in respect of any loss, damage, expense or claim resulting from inaccuracy, deficiency or impropriety of any such information supplied.
  • You as seller have the legal authority to sell the horse, either as sole or joint ownership or as an agent.

Any vices listed below are to be declared:

  1. Any horse which is a habitual wind-sucker, weaver or box walker or has been unnerved or has been tubed or otherwise operated on for unsoundness in wind or has shown evidence of sweet itch;
  2. Any male that is a rig.
  3. To declare any significant veterinary issues in the horses past to include surgical procedures that the animal has undergone and the reason for such surgical operations.
  4. To declare that the horse is free from banned substances or Controlled Medications as defined in the FEI prohibited substances list at the time when it was tried or when any video recordings of the horse were taken, and when the horse achieved results in open competition.
  5. To make any horse available for a veterinary examination by a veterinary surgeon nominated by the buyer. The fee for carrying out this second inspection will be borne by the buyer. If the horse subsequently fails this second vetting then you as the seller must bear the costs.
  6. The Seller acknowledges and agrees that any breach by him/her of these terms and conditions may cause inter alia loss or damage to the reputation and goodwill of Nagero Sport Horses and its proprietor Kerry O’Regan (“the proprietor”).
  7. The Seller agrees to furnish on demand to the proprietor such evidence as may be required by the proprietor to satisfy her as to the compliance by the Seller with this Code at any time.
  8. The Member agrees to comply with and co-operate with any complaints process that may be established by the proprietor to respond to any complaints from buyers or other persons accessing the Nagero Sport Horse Website or from other users of Nagero Sport Horses website or from the proprietor.
  9. The Seller acknowledges and agrees that without prejudice to any other right or entitlement of the proprietor or to any of the other legal polices applicable to Nagero Sport Horses that the proprietor may at any time having regard to :a) any breach of any provision of this Code of Conduct found by the proprietor to have occurred; b) any failure to furnish such information as may be requested under the foregoing provisions; c) any failure to comply within the recommendations pursuant to the provisions set out below;
  10. At its discretion terminate or suspend the Seller from access to advertising on the Nagero Sport Horse website or make the Sellers’s further participation in Nagero Sport Horses website and advertising subject to such conditions as the proprietor may determine.
  11. When a seller comprises of two or more persons, each person agrees to be bound by, and the above provisions shall be deemed to apply and bind those persons jointly and severally.

The horses sold directly from the website only use the designated transport for UK and Europe destinations.
Non-UK and Europe destinations are travelled by compliant and experienced International Shipping professionals for transport by road, sea and air.


The Seller is responsible for the accuracy of all information concerning the pedigree description and health of a horse advertised.
Nagero Sport Horses shall not accept responsibility for loss or damage suffered or incurred by any person while attending the viewing of a horse in person through death, disease, accident or any other cause whatsoever and whether to them, their animals, their property or other property. It would be prudent to have public liability insurance in place.
A horse advertised for sale by Nagero Sport Horses on behalf of a seller/owner shall not be sold elsewhere within 1 month of the advertisement going live. Once Nagero Sport Horses has notified you that a potential purchaser has booked flights to come and view your horse then you MUST NOT sell it to somebody else before they get the chance to view.
The Buyer will pay for a horse immediately online or by bank transfer. The horse may not be sold to any other parties once this is confirmed.
Payment from Nagero Sport Horses to the Seller will be before arrangements for a horse is collected. If purchasers consider the horse IS NOT AS DESCRIBED this becomes a dispute solely between the purchaser and the vendor and Nagero Sport Horses accept no liability and all further disputes will be between the buyer and the seller with no further input from Nagero Sport Horses.
For example:
Any horse that sucks its tongue or makes a sucking noise this is regarded as a vice and must be declared – if not horse is returnable
Post sale, if any horse has any difference in description, something that is found to be severe that should not be there and is not recorded, e.g. any clinical signs of sweet itch, cataract in an eye, etc. then the animal is returnable to the Seller at their expense
Napping, line or pin fired or has been tubed or otherwise operated on for unsoundness in wind or has shown any evidence of sweet itch or any vice whatsoever and is not so described is returnable
A Crib-biter or windsucker, has been unnerved, is an established weaver, established box-walker,
Impaired vision or injury to the eye and is not so described is returnable
A Wobbler or Shiverer within 1 week of the sale, and such fact is not disclosed at the time of sale, is returnable.
If the Buyer purchases a horse with a Pedigree or Description and contends that it does not correspond with such a Pedigree or Description or if he contends that the horse is affected with a Vice they must contact Nagero Sport Horses as soon as possible and provide veterinary proof of such. This will be forwarded to the Seller and from that point onwards the dispute will be between the Seller and the Buyer and Nagero Sport Horses will be no longer involved. Nagero Sport Horses will furnish the purchaser will contact details of the seller so they can proceed with their dispute.

OCD in foals and yearlings – whereby the animal shows symptoms of OCD within a short period of time post sale then the horse is deemed to be returnable.

Brood-mares should be examined for pregnancy within 7 days prior to the date of sale.


The Buyer of any horse may ask for a second vetting and will have the right to request that a blood sample be taken for subsequent analysis to detect pain killing anti-inflammatory or performance altering drugs. If on analysis the result is positive the vetting must be paid for by the seller.


If a horse or pony is advertised for a dealer and the purchaser of one of their horses wishes to cancel (or are considering cancelling) a product or service they have ordered through us, the buyer will be liable for the cost of returning the horse if they have changed their mind and had not come to try the horse. This is covered under Distance Selling Regulations. If they have come to your yard and tried and viewed the horse they purchased then the only reason for return can be due to not fit for purpose or misdescribed. They have to pay for the return transport as they have activated a ‘service agreement’ with the transport company. They can either hold the horse themselves until you can find them another one more suitable and they can then swap the horse and only pay for the original horse’s return travel or return the horse straight away and if it is still deemed fit for purpose Nagero Sport Horses can re-market it for you. In this case they have to pay the return travel and 10% of the purchase price to cover livery fees while the horse is waiting to be sold, although Nagero Sport Horses will market the horse for them at no charge until it is sold. This is not an option if the horse has a vice that was not originally declared in which case the buyer will be put in touch directly with the seller and Nagero Sport Horses will have no further party to the dispute if it has been falsely described as fit for purpose or has a residual condition that has not been declared, you will be liable as the Seller.


Subject to the foregoing Conditions, Nagero Sport Horses act as the Agent of both the Seller and the Buyer and to this end, they shall use their best endeavours to act to the mutual benefit of both Seller and Buyer. In the event that any dispute arises for whatever reason it is between the Seller and the Buyer; Nagero Sport Horses, the Buyer and the Seller shall be bound by these Conditions of Sale. Nagero Sport Horses shall not be liable to the Seller or to the Buyer in any manner howsoever arising from the sale of any horse.
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I look forward to working with you and will endeavour to continue to promote the Irish and European Sport Horses.