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If you would like us to advertise a genuine and sound horse or pony that is legitimately yours to sell, then please contact us and we will explain in detail the process. In essence you will need the details on the form above and:
Name of horse or pony
Breed and/or breeding if known and Passport issuing authority.
Rideability – use the Rideability page to guage this.
Competition history and if affiliated the registered name so potential customers can check the record for themselves.
Whether hunted or not.
Does it hack alone and in company.
Bit that is used both at home and at competition
Pictures; without tack from the side, front and back if possible in JPEG form preferably sized to 500 x 400 pixels. We can probably do this for you if you cannot manage it.
Video/s; we can merge and edit these for you as well if requested but need you to email the original video to us, not just give us a YouTube link. There is more information on video editing on the ‘Video Editing’ Page or for any more questions then please get in touch, we will be pleased to answer them.
Conformational defects and lumps or bumps or behavioural issues must be disclosed to comply with our terms and conditions. In our own experience, as long as a potential buyer knows about an issue it does not necessarily preclude a sale going ahead. Non- disclosure however, is more than likely going to result in the return of your horse.