Everything for sale on the Nagero Sport Horse website http://www.irishsporthorses.ie can be 5* vetted. If you wish to have a potential purchase vetted then we recommend that you use one of the vets that are on the Cavan or Goresbridge sales panel lists as they are equine specialists. However, you have the choice of which vet to use. We can give you the details of a selection of vets in our own area and also vets throughout Ireland to choose from, depending on the location of the horse or pony. You will have to pay for the vetting yourself which is standard procedure.

You can also choose to have a horse or pony X-Rayed, but again you will have to pay for this. Please contact us for pricing in this regard as it will be dependent on how many X-Rays you require and a digital copy can be forwarded to your own vet.