Slightly stressful day! I had to make a presentation to a panel comprising of a representative from respectively Teagasc, Dairymaster and the Farmer’s Journal regarding the shortlisting for the Dairymaster Rural Diversification awards. Only 15 minutes of fame and on my way home again! I will keep you posted as to the success or not of that, but I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

The day started with a misty rain but the sun is out and it’s a beautiful evening now. Didn’t get to all the horses today as short of time but Jessy and Bessy (I kid you not!) are sunning themselves up in the arena and having a bonding session as they hadn’t been out together before but seem to be getting on well and getting much needed vitamin D.

Great news, KitKat finally turned up after being on the missing list, in Devon at 4am this morning. We promise we deliver, not necessarily at a sociable time so sorry Liza! Liza, however, not perturbed at all at her new arrival at that time of the morning kindly took a couple of videos that are attached. KitKat can certainly move as is demonstrated by her stretching her legs. #Totilas here we come and Liza ONLY wanted a showjumper!!

Right feed time, so this is short and sweet out of necessity and the dinner to cook for the humans in the house yet as well and working for yourself is meant to be flexible. Mmmm, up to a point, but not always to a designated timescale!IMG_2068