About Us


The founder of ‘Nagero Sport Horses’, Kerry O’Regan and her family have been involved in horses ‘for ever!’.

Kerry has been riding since the age of six and is BHS and HSI qualified. Kerry has coached, taught, competed in show jumping, dressage and eventing, run yards and worked in racing for many years. Kerry is passionate about retraining of racehorses and has always promoted their use as an all-round riding horse. She is also a registered social worker and has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Equine Science.

Horse For Sale

Kerry is the driving force behind the selling and sourcing of horses globally and has a huge network of contacts in Ireland, throughout Europe and Worldwide. This can be youngstock, happy hackers, International Competition Horses or International breeds.

We sell for trusted vendors that we are confident describe their horses honestly. We also source horses for clients from all around the world and if we don’t have it on our lists of for sale horses then we can normally find it. We take time to make sure that horses and riders are a good fit, both for the welfare of the horse and the safety of the rider. We organise all shipping and transport for overseas buyers. We offer a bespoke service for potential purchasers and can arrange airport collection if you don’t want to hire a car.

If you don’t see what you want on our Horses for Sale page, still do get in touch as we have many horses on our list that we haven’t had time to upload yet. We look forward to hearing from you.

We now also have a yard in France (Haras de Nagero du Château d’Albizia) where we offer holidays, horse buying trips, Equestrian holidays and much more. The business has grown and evolved over many years at this stage and couldn’t have grown without the help of our web guru Devan Cadman who is always available; it would seem day and night! Work and life ratio in this job seems to be non-existent, but we regularly say that if we enjoy what we do it isn’t work at all. Either that or we are all stone mad – quite possible!

Sally Redstone-Lee; my brainstorming ‘go to’ and the lady behind the ‘Cob Normande sales’ in conjunction with the Jouvin Stud in Normandy. Sally is also instrumental in marketing and is the Holiday Director. Sally has huge experience in this role in particular and will make sure that your stay and any trips organised go as seamlessly as possible. Sally and Kerry work together on our Property sales, which is also a symbiotic addition. People who buy horses are often looking for somewhere to put them! If you need your Equestrian property marketed then please get in touch.

Gillon Thomson; a superlative and experienced Fishing guru, which is just as well as myself and Sally know little to zero about fishing! Gillon is not only a wealth of knowledge but great fun and he has great patience. Who actually does spend 24 hour watching to see if there are fish in a lake?!! Gillon and yes, we have it on his experienced authority; there are lots!!

Mushrooms! Sally actually has good knowledge about mushrooms and can also whip up some culinary delights and Hagen is the source of all knowledge. So all intrepid mycologists are welcome and if you just fancy trying something new, well then you are most welcome as well.
We can also offer Concierge packages to other destinations and activity packages. You only have to ask and we can go through what you want to get out of a holiday or trip and where you want to go.

We all hope to see you soon x