I am writing this first blog while I’m in the middle of doing the final edits to this long awaited website. The delay in fairness is not the fault of my web designer, Robert Condon of http://www.kerrynet.com but with me being a perfectionist. I am thrilled with the final design and hope that visitors to the site will find it as interactive and informative as I intended as Rob has designed it to my specification and constant nitpicking and he didn’t even complain!

Hopefully, some of you will even purchase an Irish horse or pony and join the many satisfied customers we already have.

This whole selling concept has been in the back of my mind for so long and I am really pleased at how it has been received already, even before the web site has been launched; so thank you to any existing customers who have dropped by. Anyone who would like to contribute to the site with photos’ or anecdotes about their experiences, please get in touch and we will try and add it into the site.

I will also be inviting guest bloggers to contribute to the page so if there are any topics or discussions even that you would like to see included please get in touch as well.

Until the next time.